Our Connection: Issue 17 2018

Dear Parents Congratulations to our netball players for a fantastic season. I am confident that as the season closes this week, the girls will reflect back on many happy memories and many moments of courage and determination. We look forward to a successful hockey season starting next week. Congratulations, too, goes to the Grade [...]

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Our Connection: Issue 16 2018

Dear Parents The Junior School is alive with activity. The girls remain fully engaged in their learning and extracurricular involvement despite the winter chill. I am happy to confirm that the decision has been made regarding the girls wearing tracksuits in winter. Girls are permitted to wear full tracksuits with their PE kit on [...]

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Our Connection: Issue 15 2018

Dear Parents The activities and opportunities presented this past week reflect our strong intent to foster a culture and ethos of life-long learning. As an academic institution, we have had the privilege of immersing our girls, parents and teachers in Book Week, where literature and a love of reading has come alive. Our teachers [...]

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Our Connection: Issue 14 2018

Dear Parents It’s Book Week and we are exploring the joy, relevance and gift of reading at all levels! Our Grade 7 Library committee presented an outstanding introduction to Book Week at assembly yesterday. We view this week as a reminder of one of our habits “ Remaining Open to Continuous Learning”. The girls [...]

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Kingsmead Classifieds May 2018

Please submit all information by the last Friday in May. NEED EXTRA MATHS?                   Experienced tutor, excellent results 15 successful years of specialist Maths tutoring Building confidence in learners grades 4-9 and beyond Enabling children ranging from the very bright to those who struggle One-on-one tutoring catering to individual [...]

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